Together we can stop the Tories on 8 June

Theresa May called this general election thinking she could win an easy landslide without even bothering to turn up for the campaign. But together we can foil her plan – with tactical voting for progressive candidates who are best placed to win their seat.

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With tactical voting, stopping the Tories really is possible

The Tories won the 2015 general election with just 37% of the vote. They do not represent the majority of people at all, but because of Britain's broken voting system they got a majority of MPs.

Based on 2015 election results, we calculate there are 349 constituencies where the combined progressive vote can defeat the Tories – that's enough to stop them winning the election (326 seats are needed for a majority).

The problem is, those votes are spread out across a range of different parties. Tactical voting means looking at which party is most likely to defeat the Tories in your constituency, and voting for that party, even if they're not who you would usually support.

If enough people do this, then the progressive majority in many constituencies can push the second-place candidate over the line to keep the Tory out.

We are the majority. Let's come together and stop the Tories. Start by searching for your constituency. is a @votetools project for the 2017 UK general election. Includes previous election results data from, MP data from EveryPolitician and location data from