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tactical.vote is a project by the grassroots @votetools collective for the UK General Election 2019. We are an independent organisation with no big donors. We're always looking for more volunteers to help out with everything from design to social media. And we want to hear your views about the site.

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Get in touch on feedback@tactical.vote
Press contact: press@tactical.vote – spokespeople (see below) are available for interviews.


Zoe Gardner

Zoe is a life‑long tactical voter and independent activist focused on migrant and refugee rights.

Twitter: @ZoeJardiniere

Luke Cooper

Luke is a pro‑European activist. As a pluralist, he wants a radical, democratic alternative to the Tories’ austerity agenda.

Twitter: @lukecooper100

Mary Kaldor

Mary is professor of global governance, and director of the Conflict and Civil Society Research Unit.


tactical.vote been backed by prominent politicians across party lines.

"I know that many voters across all four nations are desperate to see the back of Boris Johnson’s Tories. In the SNP we’re always willing to work across party lines as we know that’s what our voters expect. Platforms like this help voters make the choice that’s right for them. The SNP-Tory races could end up being critical for denying Johnson a majority. I hope voters in these areas look really carefully at the numbers."
Stephen Gethins, SNP MP for North East Fife

"Since we achieved our historic breakthrough in Canterbury at the last election, I’ve worked tirelessly for the Remain cause. Today the stakes are even higher. This is a once in a lifetime election with a once in a lifetime choice. We have to beat Boris Johnson and stop Brexit. But to do it we’re going to have to vote smart and not get divided. Websites like this are really important to help voters get informed and not play Johnson’s game of divide and rule. The fact is only Labour can stop the Tories in Canterbury."
Rosie Duffield, Labour MP for Canterbury

There is more information about tactical.vote in our FAQ.